Interesting responses…

By the way, the comments on this post have been fascinating.

“Sounds like you’re just a disgruntled ex-employee fired for not doing their job.  The customers who shop there will probably never see these comments.”

Oh really?  Well, make no mistake, I AM a disgruntled ex-employee, but the definition of disgruntled is “displeased,” not “dishonest.”  Why would anyone working at Bow Street Market or any other business tolerate the bullshit the owners, Adam and Sheila Nappi, allow in their business, let alone not be unhappy about it?

And I wasn’t “fired for not doing my job.”  Quite the contrary. Management repeatedly commented on the growth numbers of the department I was asked to create and oversee, the highest percentage growth of any department in the store.

I also don’t care what customers see this post.  The people who matter already have.   Bow Street Market’s owners, the aforementioned Nappis, and their General Manager Jim Frey should lose sleep over it.  They deserve to.

They know damned well who I am and can’t stop the response to their actions, actions which now include illegal activity by someone very likely in their employ.


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