The FOOLS of Bow Street Market

The former longtime Assistant General Manager of BOW STREET MARKET made no secret of her opinions regarding some of the employees that she called “BACKSTABBERS,” employees that she warned were “NOT TO BE TRUSTED.” These employees continue to work at the store, blaring like foghorns their inappropriate conversations, while other times whispering their contempt for others in hidden corners of the store. Current managers do not hesitate to call these same employees “OBNOXIOUS, LOUD-MOUTHED BITCHES.” And yet they remain, these fools who are poisoning the workplace, harassing their co-workers, fabricating complaints against others, lying about their own activities, and finding the support of management and the owners. Their childish, furtive actions create unimaginable turmoil, undermine productivity, violate workplace standards, and threaten the jobs of their fellow employees.

Meanwhile, female employees are referred to by management in shockingly vulgar terms like “WHORE” and “SLUT.” Even stranger, the wives of employees are cruelly ridiculed for being overweight. The owners were made aware of these facts and did nothing.

It is in this environment that the owners accuse those who are exhausted and disgusted with this inappropriate atmosphere of creating a “HOSTILE ENVIRONMENT.” A desperate hope to redirect the blame. Yes, it IS a hostile environment, but those who call it that are the ones responsible. It’s only when all hell breaks loose that the owners say “WE WANT NAMES,” trying to force employees into the uncomfortable position of exposing their co-workers. McCarthyism on a local level. Those who escape this dysfunctional environment find themselves threatened further by attorneys attempting to coerce them into silence.

These FOOLS need to accept responsibility, stop accusing others of wrongdoing, and cease obstructing the ability of former employees to find work. Just because a business looks nice and has lovely flowers out front doesn’t mean it’s not a dysfunctional nightmare inside. And just because you like and shop there does not mean these things are not true.

So bring on the high-priced attorneys. Let them earn their keep defending FOOLS. Next time you hear from me will be after I receive some sort of legal threat on official letterhead stationery……


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